About Us

Since 2021, GPL has been dedicated exclusively to the area of supply of Pharmaceutical Products to Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacy stores, Wholesalers, Importers, NGOs, UN agencies, and various other Government aided agencies. We take pride in our strong workforce of over 100 employees from diverse cultures and backgrounds creating a pool of skills to understand our client’s requirements and match them with our deliverables.

Our continued growth and success depend on taking ownership of each endeavor, and the process by which we achieve our common goals. GPL’s most valued asset is its drive to deliver the highest level of performance to our customers which translates into gaining their trust. Treating everyone with dignity and respect and maintaining our integrity and commitment at all times are the values we stand by.

To preserve and protect the trust we have established over the years and serve our customers with an undeterred commitment to quality through continued integrity, we take great care in hiring the best talent available and trust our employees to continue the legacy of building long-lasting and meaningful relations with our customers.

Continued growth comes from the contributions of each employee’s knowledge, experience, ability, and energy to the work assigned. We believe your efforts will help maintain and improve the Company's reputation for excellent performance



In order to know the Company, you should know the Values by which it lives:

Innovation – We believe that continuous improvement and questioning the ‘taken for granted’ ways of doing things is the only way to serve our customers effectively and stay ahead. We will constantly pursue newer and better processes, services and management practices to enhance our customer’s experience.
Commitment – We believe commitment and living up to these commitments is a key to instill trust and confidence in our customers and other stakeholders. Commitment is a fundamental cornerstone underpinning our everyday activities – we recognize the value of commitment to our customers, our partners and our employees.
Adaptability – We believe that a flexible, positive and open mind is crucial in facing new challenges. We will be adaptable to changes and willing to learn & re-learn.
Respect – We are result-oriented, setting high-performance standards for ourselves as individuals and teams. We respect individuality and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas. We strive to create a culture built on trust, respect, and dignity for all.
Ethics – Building success on high ethical standards is the sign of real success. We are committed to demonstrating the same in all our activities, decisions, actions, and behaviors.
The mission statement clearly defines:

What are our unique strengths – ‘uncompromising commitment to deliver prompt services

What is our competitive advantage – Quality-oriented and innovative techniques

Where do we deliver our products and services – challenging and complex markets

The vision specifies where GPL wants to be in 5 years' time and the approach to reach there. There is a clear focus on steady growth in business, which will be planned and based on a strong platform of systems and processes that will help GPL deliver efficiently to its customers. This approach will help GPL deliver consistently superior performance and create a brand that will enhance the position of each of its stakeholders such as customers, employees, and suppliers.
Goals are specific priorities set for achieving the vision of GPL. All efforts undertaken by each employee will be directed towards the achievement of these goals. These goals converted into smaller ‘objectives’ becomes the basis of the performance measurement system discussed later in the document.